ALBERT LONDE (1858-1917) - Arabic Man on Horse
  • ALBERT LONDE (1858-1917) - Arabic Man on Horse


    Vintage Albumine photograph c.1885


    Dimensions: 17 x 22,5 cm


    The picture is provided with a passepartout but without a frame. If you wish to have a custom made frame feel free to email us.


    Bibliography: Albert Londe:" La Photographie moderne. Pratiques et applications, Masson, 1888, page 305"


      ALBERT LONDE (1858-1917)

      Albert Londe is a French photographer, pioneer of medical photography and precursor of cinema.

      In 1879, he entered the French Society of Photography.

      From 1883, he used chronophotography to break down movements for analysis in the medical setting of the Salpêtrière hospital.

      In 1887, he founded, with Gaston Tissandier, the Excursion Society for Amateur Photographers.

      He was director of the photographic service at the Salpêtrière hospital, he participated in the founding of the new iconography of the Salpêtrière under the direction of Jean-Martin Charcot with whom he worked. Paul Richer and Georges Gilles de la Tourette are also involved in the creation of this service.



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