Bernard ROUGET - Young Moroccan Portrait - c.1955
  • Bernard ROUGET - Young Moroccan Portrait - c.1955


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      Bernard Rouget lived a large part of his life in Morocco, from 1940 to 1974. He arrived in Casablanca as an aspiring aviator in 1940, and fell under the spell of Morocco, he was fascinated by the majesty of its landscapes and by the richness of its history. He will take many photographs, and publish several books on the theme of Morocco.

      During this period he will photograph Morocco under all these aspects: social, industrial, and religious, and also the folklore and the customs of all the regions, the cities, the mosques, with their architectures both modern and traditional

      He founded in 1946 a weekly "Afrique Magazine", a newspaper of Franco-Moroccan rapprochement. He was fired in May 1948 because Bernard Rouget referred to an article by Hubert Lyautey from 1923 where the Marshal wanted France to decolonize quickly.

      Appreciated for his portraits of men and women, he will also have a very sensitive look at the landscapes of this country. As a humanist photographer, he covered 34 years of the country's history with thousands of photos. In 1961, he took part in a trip to the Middle East with Mohammed V of Morocco, from which he made a film Knowledge of the World.