BLANC & DEMILLY (act.c.1924-c.1962) - "Annecy"
  • BLANC & DEMILLY (act.c.1924-c.1962) - "Annecy"


    Vintage Silver Gelatin photograph Annecy, Palais de l'ile et Canal de Thiou - c.1950


    Dimension: 29,8 x 23,5 cm


    The picture is provided with a passepartout but without a frame. If you wish to have a custom made frame feel free to email us.


      BLANC & DEMILLY (act.c.1924-c.1962)

      Théo Blanc spent his childhood in the Lyon peninsula, between the Rhône and the Saône, and naturally "entered the silk industry": he worked as a clerk and then as an order manager with China. In 1918, he married a work colleague, Marcelle Bron, one of Edouard Bron's two daughters, whose father he liked to be a photographer, himself being a fervent amateur of photography.
      Antoine Demilly, his contemporary since he was born in 1892, entered the Bron studio in 1910 as an apprentice. In 1920, he married Adrienne, the eldest of two sisters. In 1924, Théo Blanc and Antoine Demilly succeeded their father-in-law and embarked on a career as portrait painters of the Lyon bourgeoisie.In Lyon, the “Blanc et Demilly” studio was, from the 1920s to the 1950s, the most important in the city.
      Evolving in a cultural and artistic environment more open than the Parisian circles, Blanc and Demilly display a deliberate desire to build a work on the fringes of the dominant currents.

      They were not, however, insensitive to the modernist currents of the time. Certain images undoubtedly evoke the work of the German photographer Germaine Krull, the German photojournalist Umbo, the American photographer Berenice Abbott, or even the Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy, painter, photographer and theoretician of photography. Thus, Blanc, alongside a great rigor in his conception of the portrait - simplicity, truth, proscription of retouching - says he wants to "seek the fantasy and even the unreal". Refusing to be anecdotal, Blanc and Demilly provide us with photographs without any artifice, imbued with humility.





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